Can’t believe it’s May. Have I got much done this year ? Nope.

Well the only thing I’ve done is really get that vaccination room in order. I started ordering stuff for it since last year so that they could deliver by January. 

With doors and windows here sometimes it’s up to 8 weeks turn around time. Especially leading up to Christmas.

Guess what? I’ve finally filled up my card stand. Fingers crossed no one buys them for the next week or so . I need time to work on other stuff.

The girls have not packed for this week which means I’m a little  ahead. I’ve got today off.

No point me going in to dispense and then having to do it again once they’ve packed.

Today there’s lots to do. I still haven’t gotten around to do my list. Talk about being slack. 

Spent the whole night last night watching TV . All the renovation shows are on Sundays now . I just love watching them and seeing how people transform their space .

I wonder why people love marble so much? Is it because it’s expensive? A sign of luxury? I for one hate marble unless it’s on a display wall where no one touches it. 

Marble stains like mad . I’m more for granite . Hard ones , the darker the better as it’s less porous. 

As for subway tiles, they do have their place somewhere . To me they reminds me of public toilets.

Later on hubby is off to the rental to do some work may be. I might tag along to see if I can locate my keys and buy more baking stuff.

List for today:

Book the dentist, supposed to have my teeth clean in April 😩 I get them cleaned every four months or I get into trouble from my gum guy. So it’s a walk across the road to book them in. I guess I can always ring them.

Book the vein guy as it’s near Winter. Usually it takes 4 weeks to get in to see specialists here. So need to book them real early.

Book my seminar, still undecided about Brisbane and Sydney. Though very tempted to book Brisbane as it will be warm up there in June. The thing is I don’t know Brisbane that well and not sure if I’m up for exploring. Plus their public transport is not that crash hot.

Book flights and hotel

CPDs can’t seem to get started on it. Booking the seminar is a start . 3 days will earn me the bulk of the points. 

Dinner. Dinner is getting to be a pain lately . No mood to cook when I’ve got so much hanging on my head. I need to clear my CPDs 

As for hubby he’s as terrible as ever . This morning I told him my knees have been playing up. They’ve been a bit stiff lately.

His response my cock have been a little stiff lately too.

He thinks it’s hilarious . I’m never ever using the word stiff in my conversation to him ever ever again.