Found my trim after doing a U turn to find the store . They didn’t have it in stock and they didn’t know what I was talking about. 

He even had the nerve to ask me how I’m going to attach it. Told him with silicon 😂

Anyhow they managed to located it by ringing their supplier and at $18 for 3m I’m good to go. 

Need to order it in though. I’ll give them a ring tomorrow once I measure again. They come in 10mm,15mm and 20mm width in bright silver or brushed.

Onwards to Bunnings they had the 12mm ones at 1m length which I’m not keen. It means it’s too wide and too short . Bought more bird spikes for hubby.

Bought these to try. Will make some ginger syrup to go with them. 

They’ve got a firming agent instead. It’s so when you warm it up it doesn’t disintegrate I guess. 

Dinner. I’m so hungry I ate some of the cauliflower. My youngest helped me with the white sauce. 

It’s a nice night so lamb cutlets it is. At $30 a kilo it’s on special. 

Hubby is barbecuing them at the moment. Then we will eat.