My son is practically an adult . He turned 18 late last year. 

This afternoon I asked him to help me with the groceries and he told me he’s ironing . He was ironing his shirt for the formal.

I must have forgotten that he’s grown out of his formal shoes . Thus tonight he didn’t have a pair to wear.

He didn’t whinge or complain. He just went about it like he was solving a problem . The problem was no shoes, the solution was his dad’s shoes. 

And because he didn’t like his dad’s innersoles he took them out and popped in his to personalise the shoes.

Thank goodness they wear the same size. 

I’m proud of how he’s turned out. May be not an academic but as a man he’d make a good one. 

I see a deep thinker. Someone that’s got empathy . Someone who cares about his siblings. 

In my eyes I still see him as a baby crawling  or shuffling his bum about not wanting to walk. 

This is his expression when he saw me with the camera. 

Him sleeping . We went to a theme park up north. He’s about 1 years old here. Look at those chubby legs . His legs are like chopsticks now. 

My little mushroom. He got lots of people confused. They kept on asking me if he was mixed.