Not a good start. I slept in. So no working at the business this morning .

Not only that managed to knock the ginger syrup in the fridge which in turn knocked all of the lamb chops on to the floor. 

My 1 second rule I picked them all up and washed them😩

My youngest have done a little flower pot. She can’t help herself.

Left overs for breakfast with my coffee. I prefer rice over bread and pasta. Too much wheat makes me bloaty. I love hot breakfasts.

Then I’ve got a pile of reports to go through . I need to see which ones I’ve got to dispense. Printed these out last night. 

Looks like my next 20 cleared days is tomorrow for dispensings done on the 14/4/17. 

The software let you see how many tablets you’d need to pack for two weeks. The thing is it’s a dud. 

Let say the client’s float is negative it doesn’t tell me I need 28 +that -1 . And since the pack comes in 25s I can’t actually dispense 2 packs as the client would complain so I do 1 pack and I’ll have to put through another pack when that runs low. 

The crosses are the ones I can’t dispense as I need 20 cleared days between dispensings. 

I’ve circled the ones that I’ll have to put through even if early as they are in the negative or are taking 1.5 or 2 tablets a day and the pack size doesn’t accommodate. 

Like Temazepam, a sleeping tablet . It comes in packs of 25s . If they are on two a day it runs out before the 20 cleared days . Unless we ask the doctors to do an authority for a larger quantity so it’s cheaper for the clients . It’s just more work for the doctors as they’d have to ring Canberra for the authority. 

That 3 and 22 should be a dispensing as they are on 1.5 tablets a day.

If the client is running low I can still leave it til next week if that’s when their 20 cleared days is due. That way it will go towards their safety net. 

It’s a tedious process but it will save me time when I’m at the computer. 

I’m munching on this whilst I work. It’s yummy with a hot drink . 

I love figs . It comes in three different combinations . There’s figs , prunes and dates.