Looks like my kids are using the noticeboard as a shopping list and to draw.

I’m having my breakkie . Instant coffee and honey buttered toast.

Just got an indecent exposure . Hubby came out in his birthday suit wanting a suck.

Then he demands me back into bed to poke my butt out for him .

Well it’s not going to happen. First of all I’m in the middle of breakfast. Second what is wrong with him?

He came into bed at 1am last night waking me up. Then before I could fall back to sleep he snored keeping me awake.

He told me he came up at 10pm and I was already asleep. 

Then this morning I woke up and thinking he went to bed late so let him be. Plus I’ve got all that dispensing to do.

It’s like we can’t get our scheduling right. Seems like we operate on different time zones.

I’m an early bird and he’s a night owl. Where do we meet?