Most of my clients are vision impaired. I love taking them out as they always inspire me. 

One said to me the other day how people wonders how they cope. And well they just do. It’s a case of figuring out a way to do things differently from the sighted and as long as it works that’s all there is to it.

Like texting . Since they can’t see they can’t text . So the next best thing is to use voice over and Siri. 

What you do is say a message complete with full stops and commas and get Siri to send it as a message . 

Every time they get a message their phone would alert them with a ring tone.

As for guide dogs , I only found out that they do no. 2 on command . All they do is tie a bag to the dog and off it goes. That way no cleaning up the poop as they can’t see where it goes to clean it up. 

So this morning I’m thinking along the same line as my client. How to problem solve.

My two gate pulls are different colours. Hubby is adamant he didn’t touch them and that I bought them that way. Hmmm his memory is shocking. I would never buy pulls in different colours that’s for sure. Okie so I’m crazy but not that crazy 😂

Anyhow been trying to work out how to get them the Japanese black colour the same as the gates. 
My lightbulb moment arrived when I googled on how to dip furniture pieces. Well looks like sponging it is. I’m going to sponge the pulls. 

The best method would be to spray paint them . The thing is it’s messy. I haven’t got a spray painting kit and to paint brush them would leave strokes . Thus sponging them is the next best thing . I can leave some parts exposed to give them accents as well. 

Very happy I’ve solved another of my dilemma . Why didn’t I think of it before? 😍