My project is at a stand still 😩 The sun roof  still won’t open. I don’t want to risk poisoning us with oil paint fumes. It still stinks like mad.

Plus it’s been cold . Last night I didn’t dare turn the heater on just in case of the fumes. Silly me there’s no vents in the court yard so it would have been okie to turn the heater on.

My last ditch attempt before I have to ring the company tomorrow is this box. Hopefully it’s just a short circuit and can be resetted. It’s high up as the bottom of the beam is 2550mm high. Thus will have to wait for hubby to get the ladder out and investigate .
Sometimes I wish I was a little bit taller 😩

One good thing only 60 more clients to review and I’ve caught up. Managed to get heaps done this morning .

Hubby’s gone to grab lunch. Kranskies from one of the sausage booths. 

And it has started raining again. What a miserable day .

Might have to go walkies in Costco.