I’m up. A bit wonky but okie. Last night dream still haunts . 

Today I need to stain the gates again early. Let the apartment air out as it’s oil base and stinks like buggery.

It’s looking much better. I think one more coat should do it. I desperately need to go on walkies . All those house hunter and renovation shows on 9Life is turning me into a couch potato.

The KFC last night was the worse ever. The fillet in the burger was thin and dry as. The chips undercooked and well the chicken wings were dripping in oil. Yuck. That’s it for my fix for now .

Guess the best KFC is still the one on the highway just out of Geelong. Their wings are always crispy and yum.

I still haven’t gotten around to painting the toilet as yet. I have no fillers to fill the walls. Hubby took the whole lot to the rental place. I might have to wait for him as the sand paper and whatever else is there as well. 

I can’t believe the amount of projects I’ve got still. It should keep me busy and out of trouble for awhile at least.

Today’s list:


1/ buy fruit 

2/ buy lunch meat

3/ groceries for dinner

4/ stain the gates and pull

5/ work -I’m behind again 

6/ get the toilet wall ready if I can. I think the painter did a shonky job as it looks like there’s hardly any paint on our walls.

I’ve sugar soaped the wall just need to fill and sand.

7/ CPDs haven’t made any progress . I’m procrastinating.

The sunroof won’t open 😩 here is hoping because it’s still wet and thus the rain sensor is doing its job and not because it’s stuffed up. It’s never done this before. 

The gate is looking slightly better.

The marks are still showing through but not as prominent. 

The pull looked not too good. It’s still not dry as yet. Painting metal is a pain 😩

I’ll have to do the other one as well as they are different shades of black. 

Guess I’d better get some work done and then back home to see if that sunroof will open once it’s dry.