Hubby came up at 615pm thinking he had to cook dinner. Told him it’s nearly done . I then followed him downstairs to work.

We ate around 645pm. After that it’s back to work for both of us . I’ve managed to be a little ahead which is very rare for me 😂

Dad dropped by to tell me I didn’t give him the attachment for the sausage machine. So looked around, found them in my cake drawer 😩 He’s done with the sausages but I gave them to him anyway so the whole machine stay together .

He’s very happy with himself. He told me he’s made alterations to my recipe by adding fat cubes to it and a little bit of red curry paste. And that he bought half a kilo of sausage skin. What the? I think that will last him forever 😂

It’s 1022pm. I’m having an ice cream then may be some rice before I head to sleep.

I’m to pick up a client early tomorrow. Have yet to look at the booking sheet to find out what time it is so I can set my alarm. 

Here is hoping I can recognise them as it’s been years. Then I’m  off walkies with my buddy.

Looks like a great day for walkies tomorrow. 😍