Happiness is not in the big things but the little ones.

My happiness today was spending the morning with hubby. We got to go in the transit lane cutting our trip to the rental by at least 15 minutes. You need two people to go in the transit lane.

Then I went to Bunnings to get paint for him. After that spent all my money getting groceries .

Found dad’s ratchet set to undo the box. Also found my spakfilla. Bought some sand paper.

Rang the garage door company to see if they can fix our door . The answer was no. Thus the guy gave me the phone number for the tech for the motor . So I need to follow up with him.

Don’t know what’s wrong with it . It doesn’t go up or down. I took photos just in case they want a look.

Came home to have lunch . Then was going to go groceries. We’ve ran out of rice and bread. We only bought a fresh loaf on Saturday and it’s all gone? I should have bought some thought we had some left.

Anyhow since tomorrow is another early start I took myself to bed instead . It’s 452pm and no dinner in sight. 

Hubby got stuff to make chicken and vegies soup yesterday. We’ll just have it with pasta .

As for bread does naan bread count? Bought some from Costco on Sunday. 

I guess I can miss groceries today. Bought a whole trolley of fruit and vegies and yummy ham and salami from the plaza. 

Feeling nice and fuzzy from my nap. I was awfully tired this morning didn’t feel like getting up. 

Now I can go and tackle dinner.