I’ve just finished lunch. It kind of got dragged out as hubby came up to warm up soup for himself then changed his mind and brought it down for our pharmacist . Then he waited until she ate before he came up again to heat up the next lot for himself.

She’s not feeling well but doesn’t want to go home. Hubby reckons it’s money trouble.

The poor thing is like family to us as she’s my friend’s younger sister . She’s working for us plus the mob that I used to work for.

With three kids and putting them through private schooling is a big stressor. Her oldest got into a selective school . Still the second one is in private which equates to 25-30K a year not counting all the extra curricular activities , uniform, laptop, camps and whatever. Here is hoping she gets into the selective school like her sister or else it’s not 2 but 6 years of private.

I feel bad for her when she said to me if you don’t have to work why do you go to work? I work because I have to.

Told hubby I’m glad we didn’t put our kids in private as we’d be in the same boat. We’d struggle like she is.

It’s hard for her as her siblings all do well . I guess you can’t have nieces and nephews going to private and your own going to public? 

Our youngest’s friend family is in the same boat . They popped the oldest in private when the second kid got to high school she got put into public.

It’s awful to have one in and one in the other. What happens when they grow up and one does well and the other one doesn’t ? They’ll turn around and say you didn’t give me the same opportunity as her? 

The thing is I don’t understand ? Loss of face? Their oldest is our youngest’s friend . There’s a few girls from the same primary going to the public. It’s not like she won’t have friends if she transferred over? 

Have popped two Panadol Osteo in. My head hurts . 

Hubby said if our staff feels better he’ll go have a hair cut. Have asked him to grab me some salmon.

We do have tofu which I can fry up for dinner . The problem is our growing kids. They like meat or fish. Tofu isn’t going to cut it eventhough they love tofu. 

As for me I’ve still got enough rice and vegies left overs . Just have to fry the tofu. Pop the salmon in the stone pot. May be do the cauliflower in white sauce again and I’m done.

I’m going to take myself back to bed. Feeling sleepy again. Feels like I’ve wasted the day away. Especially when I’m ahead with chores and work.