It’s now been 3 months. Three months of being wife, business partner and stay at home mum full time.
My days are still as chaotic as ever. I think I get more in when I was busy .

It feels like now with more time at hand I tend to waste it.

My days spans out as such . Not much of a routine as it changes from day to day.

630-9am: breakkie and then work at the business. If hubby keep me in bed for cuddles then I have to go in at night.
9am: home to shower and get change then get house in order. Make bed , wash clothes, wash dishes. Daily chores.

1030am: run errands 

12pm: lunch. If I have a lunch date with hubby then I spend the morning doing stuff at home. 

1-2pm: groceries if we go out to lunch

2pm: afternoon nap. My naps tend to go for 2-3 hours.

430-5pm: get up to cook dinner. If I didn’t go out all day then I have to go grab groceries first or else nothing to cook. 

6-730pm: dinner can be any time depending on how organised I am. It used to be at 730pm every night. Now I try to get dinner done as early as I can so hubby have more time to study. It also let me have more time to work at the business if need be. The business doesn’t close til 6pm. 

8pm: soak/ wash dishes

830pm: go into business to work. I only go in at night if I don’t go in the morning. Or if I’m behind and need to catch up. It changes week to week as it depends on how many clients run out of medication. There’s 230 of them and well I can’t predict as it’s not 55-60 that run out every week. It varies. This week must be one of my lighter weeks as I’m miles ahead. 

1030pm: back home to get ready for bed

My week:

Mondays : Hubby supposed day off but he’s been working. We sneak out for a lunch date or else I’ll run errands and bring him lunch back.

Tuesdays: He’s been using Tuesdays to go to the rental to do work so I follow him . That way I can do groceries and wander around the Plaza. We tend to go early so we have breakfast there at the rental. We are usually back in time for my afternoon nap.

Wednesdays: I’ve been accepting volunteering shifts on Wednesdays so I don’t tend to have anything on. It’s a whole day out for me with no nap. I’d grab groceries on way home since the train tends to express to Box Hill anyway. 

As volunteering is in the city I tend to go wandering. Got walkies booked in with buddy on Wednesdays now either that or Fridays.

Thursdays: Hubby’s supposed day off . But he’s been working lately. So I need to find things to do on Thursdays. 

Fridays: Only day I don’t have to be at the shop early. Fridays are days I spend at the shop working anyway. It’s the only day when my computer is free and we’ve only got one shop girl on . Thus it makes sense that I’m there as an extra. 

Also my doctor’s appointments are usually on Fridays. 

Saturdays: Groceries. Weekly chores. Get kids to do their chores. Sometimes we drive down to the hidey hole to spend the weekend there. 

Sundays: Family lunch. Catch up at the business. Go visiting mum and dad if I’ve got stuff to bring over. Make cards . Go walkies . Go shopping.  Since hubby have badminton in the afternoon it’s my afternoon off to do as I pleased. 

And that’s pretty much my week. I’m still getting used to the routine. 

I try to only put my hand up for volunteering shifts on days hubby is at work or if he’s free I make sure I accept an extra early shift so he can meet me for lunch still. That way we get to spend time together.

Most important : Still need to find days to sneak down to the hidey hole. 

Other than that I need to structure it more to get more into my days . Fat chance though.