Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there. No matter how much of a dud you are in my eyes you’re still a mum and mums are precious. 

I’m enjoying my banana bread cupcake and drinking from my new mug. A pressie from my oldest. The mug is Australian made and a Robert Gordon mug. 

She got me one last year and another this year. I love them. Now if only she’d keep her room clean.

Hubby wanted to book somewhere for dinner and I told him no. It’s no fun going out on Mother’s Day . Everywhere is chockers. And even if we got a spot the service is terrible as the kitchen is over stressed.
Anyhow waiting for the kids to wake up so we can head off to lunch or brunch.

They are all up still zonked out snuggling in their beds.

My throne room is 99% there. We took off the tape this morning and hubby touched up for me. He’s got steady hands . Only need another coat on the smudge on the ceiling and we are dusted.

It’s looking very grand indeed. 

Have worked out the amount to insure . Hubby was like but if we get robbers they are not going to steal our beds? Hmmm what if you were cooking and left the stove on and there’s a fire? And we need to replace everything ? That got him thinking.

Chores for today:

Find my colour book. Can’t find it anywhere. It’s driving me nuts . I need it in a safe place . 

Change my bed. Checked.

Wash my beddings .Still going. 

Go over to mum and dad to drop off the cupcakes and to give mum my pressie. Taking her out tomorrow to see Van Gogh.



Paperwork. Since I didn’t touch it yesterday . All I did was cleaned out the microwave and front of fridge. 

Mop my room and give the shelves a wipe. 

And that’s pretty much it I think .

PS. Was very surprise to see them advertising about Adelaide in the newspaper . Guess they are trying to hog people from Victoria.

Adelaide is the city of South Australia and the city of churches . Lots of churches and wineries. The city centre you can drive past and miss it if you’re not looking for it. Joke .

It’s a beautiful city but I wouldn’t want to live there. Everything closes at 5pm. 

Here is hoping their revival works and there’s a mass exodus there. For now it’s more a city for the senior citizens. Quiet , dead, nothing going for it.