Again. Another day and another week. I’ve got lots to do today. Didn’t get much done yesterday . The sunroof didn’t close at all last night. Thus had to run all my washing inside. 

Most of it still wet . Then didn’t get to put them in the dryer as too much clothes to dry. 

Managed to pop the smaller pieces on the rack . My rack can handle heaps . I’m glad I bought it. 

Have since popped the mattress protector in the dryer. The sheets I had to rewash today. Will chuck them into the dryer as well.

Found Miss 20 had dumped all of her clothes in my hamper yesterday. Today’s towels day too which is a bummer.
I guess I can still wash the them and they will just have to hang up in the mezzanine. That should hold all of my towels. I just need to wipe it down first.

As for Miss 20 she will just have to wait til my rack is cleared. 

Mum have invited dad along to see Van Gogh which means I’ve got today free. I’m glad she did as it will give them a day out. 

 Told her how we’ve had so much bad luck lately she just said be thankful it could be much worse. Yes it could be much worse. 

She told me about her mammogram. I tried to tell her it’s okie . Most times it’s false positives. Plus it’s not malignant so all good . Guess she can’t shake it off as a few of her friends have died from breast cancer just recently and it shook her. 

Hubby brought the ladder home last night . He’s going to climb up the roof to see what’s going on up there today.

He thinks the structure is unbreakable. And that it might just be something blocking the roof from closing or water had gotten in . If it still acts up I’ll have to get the people that installed them to have a look. Problem is they are based in Sydney and they’ve since sold and rebrand. Come to think of it our roof have never been serviced by them.

My clothes is the least of my worries. It’s the drainage of the courtyard that I’m worried about. The builder popped in drainage just in case the roof doesn’t close in time . I’m not too sure about it working with the roof opened and a full onslaught of a storm. 

Since our business is underneath if heavy rain comes it could cause havoc potentially spoiling all of our stock downstairs. 

Just had a quick calculation we are not yet 7 years here which means it’s still under building insurance . Worse comes to worse we can claim to get it fixed with the builder.
My mood today? Come on hit me with it. Is that all you can muster up? ☺️