Another new day. The alarm went off at 6am and I didn’t want to get up. Tired emotionally and mentally.

Have since had breakkie. 

And have gone into work.

The sunroof guy is coming at 8am so I’m just sitting here printing reports . Will go back up to shower before he arrives. 

Hopefully he can fix it but I doubt it. He hinted that the parts might have to be ordered in and well that’s more money to spend . 

I think we are both beaten this year . What a year. One thing after another . Hubby have found a Chemistry tutor for our son. He’s one of our clients. 

Now he’s got three tutors which means three afternoon a week gone. At least this one is within walking distance .Only another half a year to go before his exam. 

From the sound of it I’ll have to take him to his English tutor once our pharmacist goes on holidays either that or work at the shop so he can take him. Not sure which is worse ? Sitting in traffic? Or working . 

He usually have two pharmacists on on a Wednesday . With her gone it means only one . Wednesdays we are already on skeleton staffing as is. I might have a talk with him to put more shop staff on on the Wednesdays that she’s away.

The thing is? He shuts me down whenever it comes to anything to do with money citing we don’t have any.

You can’t run a business on skeleton staff . Okie so we make less profit but money makes money. You pay for another staff our profit goes down our taxes also goes down. More staffing means better staff morale. 

I’ve worked in places where staffing was so low people got sick all the time. Sick physically and sick of carting other’s workload.

He sees it from an owner’s point of view. I see it from an employee’s point of view.

Once we get people into our rental hopefully he’ll listen to reasons . I’m tired of banging my head against a brick wall.

It’s not like we are losing money. The money goes to the employee instead of the tax man.

Plans for today:

I’m not going to put down anything much. Can’t seem to get on top of my cold.

Sort out my fish balls. Dinner . I need to go to Officeworks/Bunnings . 

Make more cards.