I just got into the business when hubby shoved papers underneath my face to sign. Please sign it’s for the rebranding .

And he went on about what it was all about. 

Please let me read it first. I don’t ever sign anything now without reading it first. Call it once bitten twice shy.

And of course there was something amiss. I said there’s nothing here that says pro-rata. I’m not signing .

The contract was to say the company will pay for the rebranding as they’ve just merged . If we choose to stay with their brand then it’s free if we stay. If we choose to leave within the next two years then we will have to pay for the rebranding. 

The contract mentioned the invoice except I haven’t seen the invoice for the amount.

It turned out that it was 21K. 

I was annoyed at hubby. Luckily I checked. He took the rep’s words for it. And yet he still turned around to say I wasn’t cordial when I told the rep I’m not signing. 

Who’s fault is it? If he’s read it properly I wouldn’t have to say no. It has nothing on it to say if we leave the brand within 2 years that it is pro-rata. 21K is a lot of money.

Annoyed so have taken myself to lunch . Need to go to the Apple Store to get my phone sorted since I dropped it cleaning up his staff’s mess. Lazy buggers chucked sensitive papers into the rubbish bag and of course the bag burst and a lady came to us to complain. Papers strewn all over the laneway. I was sweeping it up when my phone dropped . Despite having a cover on it the screen is all cracked. 

So annoyed. Not my day at all.

My lunch , feeling a bit better.