They took so long today. It was like half an hour wait. Then they took my phone and it was another hour and a half wait to get it back. 

Anyhow it’s fixed , $180 later. Popped it on the credit card. He can pay for it.

One of those days that nothing went right. Thought I could walk in with my son’s laptop. Didn’t work . 

In the end had to book it for next Wednesday for them to have a look at it. At least I know it’s not under warranty anymore. The logic board they replaced last time was. Here is hoping it’s the board again. 

So off I went shopping. Got undies at 40% off .

A street food DVD for hubby and a Beauty and the Beast sound track for me and the kids. 

On the bright side I saved heaps on undies. Aren’t they cute? Nice and bright. 

The other thing the sunroof is getting fixed . The electrician, a cute red head found the fault . It’s the control board. So he’s going to see how much it is and will let me know. 

As for dinner bought some salmon. Two cutlets for my stone pot. Bought less than usual as we always have left overs . 

Will make another pot of fish balls soup. This time with zucchini and carrots.