This is my third week trialling something new . Before I’d grocery shop every day and only buy enough for dinner that night . I found that if I do it that way there was way less wastage. I hate wasting food.

The thing is it’s very time consuming having to groceries shop every day. If I don’t go we don’t have anything to eat.

Lately due to us going up to the rental I’ve been doing a big load of vegetables shopping every week. 

Which meant we have vegetables for at least a few days and I don’t have to worry . When I go groceries I just need to worry about the meat or fish . And even if I don’t go buy groceries I’d still have vegies to drum up dinner. 

It takes a big load off me. Though it can get boring as I tend to buy only staples and only enough for one meal. My vegies list is pretty much the same every week. Depends on what looks fresh. 

1/ egg plant ( grill)

2/ cauliflower as they are in season (white sauce/ stir fried /soup) 

3/ broccoli (blanched/ stir fried)

4/ carrots (blanched /stir fried/casseroles/ soup)

5/ cucumbers (salads, sliced)

6/ baby spinach/ bok choy/lettuce if I’m going to use it that night.

7/ tomatoes (sauces , casseroles,soup) but they’ve been expensive so I haven’t been buying $8-9 /kg is too expensive 

8/ beans (blanched, stir fried, soup)