My alarm went off at 6am. Hubby kept me in bed again . The result I slept in. It’s now 1031am.

He asked me if I missed my white cocks this morning . I didn’t say anything . So he assumed . It means you do.

Yes and no I said. No in that I don’t miss the cocks. Yes in that I miss the feelings that it initiated in me. 

The horniness? Yes

Why don’t you get horny for me ? Because you want it all the time and like this morning you knocked my thigh and it hurts . And when it hurts I freeze up and am all dry. 

I didn’t mean it I’m just clumsy. 

Trouble with our relationship is that both of us have a high sex drive . Trouble is he wants it with me and half the time I don’t want it with him.
Trouble is if I didn’t wander I wouldn’t have this problem of comparing.

Of wanting more . Of wanting to make love .Of knowing how it feels when it’s done right. Of knowing how it feels to be a woman.

Don’t get me wrong . Hubby looks after himself . He’s very fit for a near 50 guy. And he’s got the stamina to match.

Then why oh why can’t we get our sex life in sync ? 

I blame it on my wandering . I blame it on him wanting it all the time.

You’re so sexy,  I can’t help myself. If only that was true . I don’t feel sexy. 

All I see in the mirror is a near 50 with no life in her.