I think our new realestate agents assumed I’m the trophy wife. I don’t think they realised that am too a pharmacist .

When I let on I did a course years ago she went on to tell me I don’t need to work as a realestate representative. I just have to learn to dispense scripts. 

It’s funny. I didn’t bother correcting them. Now you know why I don’t work at the business. 

I can never be my own identity . Customers always think I’m the pharmacist’s wife not an equal partner.

They are a funny couple. You would never pick them as husband and wife. The husband is abrupt and straight to the point and the wife is the sweet talking diplomatic kind. Even in looks too. One is dressy and the other dressed like an old person past their used by date. 

I joked that it’s great they worked together because I can’t work with him. We fight all the time. 

Guess it shows opposites do attract.