How can a naughty person stop being naughty? I’m trying to be good yet it’s written all over my face. 

It’s like I’ve got a sign that’s imprinted on my forehead that says come f…me.

When I was working at the hospital patients and doctors alike flirted with me so much so that my incharge was wondering what the hell?

She’s like you’re good with the doctors. You always get scripts without much trouble. The nurses were like V don’t do that. Those heart monitors are going like mad. They should be resting not rowdy like that. 

I don’t know why? Is it my smile? Is it just the way I talk? Why do they approach me instead of others? 

Tonight was no different . The guy that turned up was in his 50s? He made me a proposition. If he could have me then his service was for free 😩