I’m munching on some bread. It’s bread baked with shallots on the outside and some mayo and pork floss. 

Had to put it in the microwave this morning to warm it up. It’s much better fresh from the bakery .

Slept in again. Because of that coffee so late yesterday it hyped me up for the rest of the day. 

Worked til 1130pm and I was still wide awake. So much so hubby jumped on me again. He said every time I get the injection I sleep soundly. 

This morning he tried his luck again to which I said no. I can still feel my insides swollen from last night or rather early this morning’s activities. 

As for the garage door man I texted him this morning to ask him to email me the invoice and bank account details so I can pay him. 

His reply cash or cheque is fine too and he can pop by with the tax invoice . 

Have since texted back to say I’ll meet him next week where he’s working as the agents will have the keys to the house. 

I think he wants to see me again . 

Today’s list :

1/ work

2/ pack for hidey hole.

3/ groceries and dinner

I think that’s it. I’m driving down to the hidey hole to take his tools down. They are crowding our landing.

Plus I offered the kids’ old toys to a mum down there . She’s recently relocated from the US with two young ones and no toys as she’s donated them back there. 

So need to go tonight to sort them out and package for her to come and collect on Saturday.