I came down yesterday to have a look at his progress . He was clanking away making noises.

I asked him what was wrong and he proceeded to tell me.

The motor does not suit this kind of door. I thought it might be the case but I didn’t let on. I just told him I suspect the motor was getting old so may be that’s why.

He then said he’ll try and modify it to work to the door. I asked him what’s the alternative ? He replied a new motor that suits the door. It would cost $700 and is inclusive of labour. 

Which I replied that’s okie too as I needed something that works well and that would save him time too as I won’t have to keep on calling him out.

He then thought about it and replied let see what I can do. If I’m not confident it will work I’ll order you a new motor. Will try first no point wasting money buying a new one if I can fix it. 

Anyhow whilst he’s working we started talking . We talked about family, kids and well one thing lead to the other we ended up talking about relationships . About how a woman should keep their husband interested . About how she should be well dressed, make up etc.

He was easy to talk to. Very quiet demeanour . He’s softly spoken and meticulous in his work. He had great hands and easy on the eye.😂
Anyhow what would you do? With this indecent proposal? Of if I can have you then I’ll fix it for free? Considering there’s not much time ? 

1/ refuse ? He might not fix it right ? Or leave half way ? Or charge you an exorbitant fee? 

2/ accept? So he can have something to look forward to? Fix it to the best of his ability? 

And how would you go about it ?