First day of Winter. I slept in yet again. 

Having brunch now going through my reports. 

Lots to dispense this week. The reports were thicker than usual. 

Last night hubby wanted me to do his data entry first and to leave the dispensing to the weekend. 

The thing is data entry don’t bring us money . Dispensing does. Some days he’s not very good at priotising his tasks.

I’d rather dispensing first get that out of the way then will do the data entry for him. 

The data entry is more a favour for the nursing home we are servicing. 

 I had so many things I wanted to achieve when I decided to stay home this year. Not getting anywhere much. Feels a bit disappointed in myself.

Today’s list:

Westfield to pick up the laptop. It’s fixed. Buy the skirt.



I bought chicken yesterday. Going to make skewers. I still can’t get my soy chicken right so chilli it will have to be.