After two hours of shopping I opted for lunch at 230pm. 

Took me many shops to find her skirt. $30 later I bought one in Bardot. Just a plain above the knee skirt. 

The cheapest option was a long sleeve dress in Target $9 . I was going to buy it then changed my mind. It looked too plain and the material wasn’t that nice.

Then I went to buy the lemonade and spring onion for the chicken tonight.

Popped by the bakery stand to grab a fruit loaf . $9.50 for the loaf was expensive as. Anyhow it’s only once in awhile . I’m not buying weekly. 

It’s a generous fruit loaf with lots of fruit.

My view at lunch. Looking towards Box Hill. And yes we drive on the left hand side. 

All in all it’s been a good day. 

I’ll head into work to do a few hours tonight . Not keen to work when the business is open. It’s too busy and disruptive. 

I like peace and quiet. I get more done. Not that hubby is not disruptive . I get a different kind of disruption after hours. Hubby would come over to my bench and start fondling. I feel like a sex object some days.