The insurers have gotten back to us. We are to find a plumber to fix the leak and to pay for that. Since it’s wear and tear it’s not covered. 

Then we are to get another quote for the damage . Once the roof is fixed and the receipt emailed to them they will pay for the second quote minus the excess of $500. 

I quickly emailed our plumber last night . He did the bathrooms for us and a great guy.

He’s gotten back to me this morning . He reckons it’s not a leak but more so because the roof is a flat roof and it would have been like a swimming pool . 

They received 100mm of water when the storm came through on Anzac Day just recently.
Plus the humidity all week would have meant that mould grew like mad. 

Anyhow he’s going to to sort it out. I’m so happy he’s our plumber. He came with high recommendations from a work colleague and worth his weight in gold.