Things are set into motion . This morning I contacted the plumber. Also got him to look at the deck as well since we’ve got mould growing in the living room.

Then hubby came up with the letter from the council. I’m to ring them to get a refund as the permit I ordered is no charge. So had to ring two departments . The planning department to get them to look for what I wanted and the lady who wrote me the letter for a refund. 

The planning guy will ring me next Monday/Tuesday once the plans have been located. It’s from 1999 thus hard copy and not digital copy. Which means one day next week I’ll have to front up and see what I need to copy. 

I’m trying to get the bulk of the dispensing done today so that I’ve got the weekend free to make cards. The card stand is half empty.

Looks like everything is getting sorted. I’m less frustrated . I hate it when things are at a standstill. 

Today’s list:


Groceries and dinner

I’m not going to put anything extra down as I won’t have time. I’m only trying to stay afloat today.