I’m up . The house is quiet and it’s bliss. It’s when I can think clearly without the “noise” affecting me.

It’s not like I don’t love people. I love them to a certain extent and then I need some breathing space. I can’t be around people 24/24 including hubby and the kids. 

Having my jaffle and instant and then will tackle the blog. Still don’t know how to categorise it. So it’s been on the back burner. And the more I write the more blogs it accumulates the more I need to sort out.

Today I need to pop out to get some pumpkin,barley and some lotus seed. I was thinking of baking but it’s so cold I’m going to make sweet soup instead. 

Found some mungbean and seaweed in my pantry . 

The pumpkin, barley and lotus seed will add even more texture to the soup. Sweet soups are fun to make and eat as you can add anything to it. 

Red beans and mungbeans the soup are usually clear so it’s pretty much cooked in syrup. 

Anything with glutinous rice or tapioca pearls in it will need coconut milk. 

I’ve got to make cards as well since my stand is half empty . Hubby told me one of his customers was admiring them on Friday and initially she was only going to buy one and then two then three and she ended up walking out with 4. She couldn’t decide as they were all cute 😍 

The thing is it means I’ll have to go make more as there’s only 16 on display last I counted and her buying 4 that’s 1/4 of my display gone. 

This week ahead is going to be extremely busy.

1/plumber to deal with re: leaks I might have to drive down one day this week to the hidey hole.

2/sunroof people coming this week don’t know when which means I’ll have to stay home so I can talk to them. 

3/ realestate agents to deal with re:rental as I’m their go to person so hubby can study.

4/ council re:plans which means I’ve got to spend one day going there to get a copy then forward them to the town planner.

5/ vascular surgeon on Thursday morning re:varicose veins. 

6/ take my girl to the music festival on Wednesday 

And whatever else. 

I was hoping to do that ice cream course. I’m still two minds about it as it’s quite a bit of money and it’s 5 days long . Not sure if I can commit.

Either that or sign up for a dancing membership.


This mob’s got classes near me. Zumba sounds like fun and a great way to keep fit. I’m not into gym as such and well this was the only alternative I find apart from walkies. Winter is here and I desperately need something indoor to keep fit.