On Monday I was a wreck..woke up to find my mother in law had hanged her washed clothes on the lines..that’s no big deal until I found a load of dried clothes right underneath it..seeing there was no room she took the dried clothes off ..popped them on a rack beneath..and went and hanged hers where they were..I chucked a fit..couldn’t remember how many bloody hell I screamed..the only profanity that I can scream in front of the kids..she’s done it before..many a time..don’t know what happened but that morning..I have had it..tired..woke up grumpy and well that was the last straw..

What made it worse was hubby trying to shut me up so his mum can’t hear me..he then told me to shut up..if I loved him I would put up with her for another few days..hmmmm what happened to if you love me you wouldn’t make me put up with your mum..felt like our marriage was a sham..may be I don’t love him enough? may be he doesn’t love me enough either..cried my eyes out all day..

I think I have put up with her a week longer than I should have..from the other times I have not said anything..as she only stays 2 days max..this time I just quietly packed my bags and left..booked a serviced apartment down the road and went..

I left him a letter..dear H..I don’t want to fight anymore..I don’t want to cry anymore..I will be home on Tuesday to drive the kids to their music lesson and on Friday morning to drive B to school..
PS You asked me this morning if I love you…I do ..that’s why I am leaving..
You can find me at ….. address….

Why did I leave? I have had enough of his mum’s antics..yes but we all have mother in law..why should yours be any different? believe me you haven’t heard about this one..lol..

She wakes up early..but she doesn’t fetch herself anything..she waits till someone gets up and fetch it for her..I tend to sleep in so that he fetches for her.. as soon as I wake up..she asks..oh you’re not going to work today..no I am not..and if I wake up early she asks..are you going to work today..lol

Do you want breakfast..oh no..I only have breakfast or lunch..but if her son makes it she’ll eat it..if you only offer she won’t ..I figured I am not her slave so why should I? I’d offered? if she wants it I’ll make it for her..if not then bad luck..

She has coffee with the Vietnamese coffee phin thingy on the cup..and of course since both of us have given up coffee I gave them all away when we moved..so I thought well when I go groceries shopping next I’ll look out for it for her..couldn’t find any..so went to my parent’s place to borrow one..as well as Korean series with Vietnamese dubbing to keep her company..

lol…next thing I knew..oh these movies are crap…I can’t understand them..but ..BUT.. she watches them all her waken hours..driving me insane…couldn’t stand the noise…so I retreated to my bedroom..closed the doors and slept..and if I happen to get change to leave I get an interrogation like a spy does..where are you going? when are you going to be back? the other day I only went downstairs to wash his car..only to hear her bellowing upstairs..where is your wife?

And if there is a party she will never go..oh I don’t want to go..and if I leave take away for her she’ll never eat..childlish playing the guilt game..hubby wasn’t going to go and leave her at home and that’s how she wants it..party pooper and spoils it for everyone..
Last Saturday there was a dinner at his sister’s place and death anniversary of his dad..of course she wouldn’t go..and because it was an important dinner he had no choice but to go..leaving his darling mum at home by herself..me? I went out to buy her dinner..Hainanese chicken rice..then I thought that’s not enough too drying so I went out of my way to make her a salad..defrosted some chicken soup to make her bamboo shoots soup to go with the rice before we left..her son heated it up for her..popped it in front of her virtually nearly spoon feeding her..lol..she ate..

The next morning I over heard her to her son..oh I don’t like soup..not filling..I am still hungry..
lol what did I expect? the other day I cooked a salty dish for her as I know she liked salty dishes..my thank? no thank..just ..too fatty I have high cholesterol..as if that’s going to kill her? she’s got heart problems galore..and she thinks a bit of fat is going to kill her? it will be the amount of salt she’s guzzling down that will do it..lol..

I take her to buy flight tickets..got to Footscray to go to the place my parents recommended..the lady that served us was really nice..when she heard the date..she told me no…I want an earlier date..you need to take me to St Albans..about 20 minutes drive away..told her no..it was already Friday..visa, passport won’t be back in time for you to board any earlier plane..then travel insurance..too expensive..so I popped our money in to pay for the extra bit..the poor lady that served us..felt sorry for her..
then she made me take her out to lunch..of course because she didn’t have any breakfast did she? ..then she wanted me to ring her precious son up to ask him what he would like for lunch..he wanted mango so we went to grab them then she looked at the vegies and said..oh they look fresh..have had enough..wasted my whole morning..so I told her no more..we are going home..lol..that was one outing..

Then on Sunday hubby took her with us to have lunch..she told him she wanted a mobile phone…what the heck? told hubby there’s my old phone still complete with charger..no it wasn’t good enough for his mum..she lives in the country ? she stays home all the time? why the hell does she need a mobile? ..so I went with him..told him to buy a smaller one..cheap one of course..he wanted a bigger one so I showed him her palm is as big as mine..the smaller one fits better..came back to the car..her first question..does it play music? 80+ wanting music on her phone? have never heard her play music..lol..someone’s must have put her up to it..lucky she didn’t go with us or I can see her choosing the latest model..lol..

Today is Wednesday..feeling a whole heap better..was going to go home tomorrow to cook a nice dinner to send her off..but don’t think my angel have returned fully yet..the devil is still there guarding any more hurt that might come my way..one thing for sure my BP have dropped considerably since I have left..pretty much back to my old cheery self today..not really sure I can handle her just yet…

Come to think of it she’s probably punishing me for marrying her son without her consent..she said it straight to my face years ago while we were dating that she was going to ask another girl’s hand in marriage for her precious son..

guess I am guilty as well…I married him because I loved him..but the little devil in me persuaded me to marry him to get back at her..she had to come with a dowry to ask for my hand in marriage..lol.. funny thing is his family is on my side..his niece said to me on Saturday..you know what? she sits on other people’s heads and necks..but she can never sit on yours..because you won’t let her..and H loves you..

there’s some solace in that everyone thinks that she’s horrible and not just me being bias..lol..

Wednesday 14th November 2012