I haven’t been writing of late. Haven’t been in the mood. And what is there to write when one’s mind is all scrambled up? One’s heart broken in pieces? For awhile we reverted back to friends. It didn’t work, so silly me agreed to be his wife again.

Yes, 24 years and we are still together. I often wondered why?. Why we are still together. Considering everything that’s bombarded our relationship?. There’s a saying in our language. A marriage is a life sentence.

I think it is true. If two people cannot find happiness with each other then it turns into a life sentence.

My marriage is a laugh now. He let me go to have coffees with other guys. As for me I have a year to decide what I want to do. Leave for good or stay. I am still undecided. Part of me want to leave for good for I don’t think I love him anymore. Part of me still want it to be a happy ending. What do I do?

October 2013