It’s 1120am and I’m sitting here eating dessert. I love this recipe . The cake always turn out moist. The butterscotch sauce tasted okie today. Not sure why I thought it didn’t taste right last night when I was making it.

I don’t have any ice cream left. Managed to scrounge around for the very last bits. I virtually had to scrape all that’s left in the container.

No ice cream in our household is a national emergency. I always have a few tubs lying around. 

Guess that’s the first thing on the shopping list today.

Hubby came in last night asking for help . He was like what has renal impairment got to do with macro disease? 
As in brains, heart and peripheral vessels? 

So I brainstormed and told him . Well if the kidney can’t filter you’ve got waste in your systems . Especially salts which can cause high blood pressure , more load on the heart. Oedema in the peripherals since salt draws water and as for brains , damage if you’ve got high sodium contents?

Anyhow that’s all I remembered off the top of my head. He’ll just have to look it up.

When we were in college our lecturer said to us . You don’t have to remember everything just have to know where to look it up.

Guess the Merck Manual will come handy in this case. 

Hubby just came up to steal my sticky date pudding for his staff. He managed to balance four plates for them. One for each of his staff. 

Can’t say we don’t look after our staff.