Day 1


Antonio, 3 Rua dos Negociantes, Taipa, Phone: 2899 9998

Alfonso 3, 11a Rua Central, 28586272

Hotel: Wynn Macau, Rua Cidade de Sintra, Nape

We chose Wynn for the fact that I loved it when I saw it online. It was quite central and the least tacky of all the ones there.

That night we caught a taxi with the help of concierge to go to dinner. Alfonso was a quaint Portuguese restaurant in a little lane. Being in a foreign country we were mindful of safety and well when the taxi pulled up in a little laneway I was like where the hell is this little restaurant? At night it looked spooky and our taxi once paid left us.

Luckily the owners were on the look out for us so all well ends well. Lovely place to eat.

The meal was different but yummy. In the pot was octopus rice. A type of swimming rice. We had chicken and chips and vegies. The hospitality was the best.

We didn’t realise the laneway was just off the main street. After dinner we went exploring and ended up in the square.


Day 2 

Central Macau

We did heaps here. We went to see an old house, wandered the streets, saw Natcha temple and the ruins and also the art precinct.


*Ruins Church of St Paul


*St Lazarus Church district (Art) old area (updates ) 

*AFA (Art) 12-7pm gallery

This is a must go. The kids loved the art district. They had lots of art galleries and a great wander through. From lantern exhibitions to costumes etc.


One thing about Macau it is very hilly. Lots of uphill and downhill

*Street of Happiness (old red light district)

Rua da Felicidade (IJ and Temple of Doom)

Not sure if we got here. I don’t think we did or did we? It’s been awhile and my mind is a bit blurry.

Wander west to Inner Harbour

Northern Macau

*Guia Fort


The girls resting. They’ve had enough of walking around and it was hot hot hot.

Luis De Camoes Garden and Grotto

*Sr Wong Ieng Kuan Library

This was all in the one place so we went to all of it. The fort, the garden and grotto and library. It’s a nice oasis as it was very hot.

*Casa garden

*Kun Iam Temple (oldest temple)



Not sure which temple was this one. It was a small one. I lost track. You can sort of see Chinese writing on the old wall here.

Southern Macau

A-Ma Temple

*Macau Museum of Art

Avenida da Republica (colonial villas)

Penha Hill Chapel of Our Lady of Penha

If not enough time ditch Southern Macau

Catch ferry back to HK

I don’t think we even contemplated Southern Macau. We had enough by the time we reached the fort and it took all of our effort to see everything that was around in that vicinity and then a long walk back to the hotel.

Instead of Southern Macau we opted to catch a taxi to go see the Venetian Hotel instead before heading back to Hong Kong on the ferry.

I was dreading the ride back as the day before it was one hour of hell on the ferry. I didn’t end up throwing up but was close to it. We were all shades of green. Even though the ferry services started back at 1030am that day by 6pm the seas were still rocky as. The trip back was much calmer. Nothing to it. I did threaten hubby the day before that we should organise flights back to Hong Kong as little me wasn’t going anywhere near the ferry ever again.

Since we only had one day in Macau we did our best to do as much as we could. And we did get lots done. It was a lot of walking on our parts. The kids got a bit grizzly due to the amount of walking.

We could have done with another day or two in Macau. It wasn’t enough to see everything. We loved the architecture and the street foods.


The famous Portuguese egg tart Macau style. It was yummo . They had these stick snacks that one could buy drowned in different sauces that was just out of this world. You can grab spicy ones or non-spicy and eat on the go.