We stopped over in Hong Kong prior to heading to South Korea. As usual we were plaqued by a disaster natural or other. This time we arrived just in time for the typhoon. It rendered my itinerary non-doable. In Hong Kong when there’s a typhoon everything closes even the MRT.

Hotel: Prince Hotel (Marco Polo ), Tsim Sha Tsui

We chose this hotel as there’s 5 of us and well hotel in Asia the rooms are at a premium. This was only one of two that had 2 double beds in each room. When we go away we usually pop two kids in one and one sleeps with us.

Most hotels pretty much cater for a family of 4 not family of 5. When we were in South Korea it was the same.

The hotel was close to Temple St and also right next door to the ferry to go over to Macau. That was the other plus.

Day 1:

We arrived around 5pm

Temple St Night Market, Kowloon (7-10pm)

We went here for dinner nearly every night. The food was good old Chinese food sitting on little stools.


Market food, one thing though wiping one’s mouth with toilet paper was ummm an experience altogether.

HK Museum of Art (open til 8pm on Sat)

Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade

Symphony of lights 8pm-820pm

We were too buggered and opted for bed. We did see the promenade on the last morning though.

Day 2:

HK Museum of History (10-6pm)

We got to the museum around 4pm? and came out at closing. The typhoon was coming and by the time we got out at night we were drenched. Taxis were hard to find as long queues everywhere. It took us forever to get back to the hotel.

We had an early dinner with a family friend as she was worried about the restaurant and MRT closing leaving her stranded since she lived on Hong Kong island.

After dinner we  went for a walk down to the waterfront to watch the typhoon hit. The waves were impressive. The shops by then have gotten their stores all sand bagged and shutters closed.

Sik Sik Yuen Wong Tai Sin Temple (730-530pm)

Chi Lin Nunnnery (9-430pm) Garden (630-7pm)

We ditched these two as didn’t have time.


HK Island:

Star Ferry to HK Island to Central (630-1130pm)

Victoria Peak , tram, trails, garden

This was the only thing we did I think. It was very cloudy and couldn’t see much. After the morning our family friend took us to the older parts of Hong Kong to have lunch and to walk around and do a bit of shopping. The rest of my itinerary went out the window.


It was a smooth ride. Not too bad of a ride.


The peak was cloudy. Couldn’t see much and it was drizzling. I was more worried about damaging my camera than anything as I didn’t have wet weather gear for it.

Man Mo Temple (8-6pm)

Ping Shan Heritage Trail

MRT Tin Shui Wai

500 year old village

Causeway Bay

Tai Hang (bus 26 from Central) or MRT Tin Hau

(older part of HK)

Lunch :

Hong Kee Congee 11 King St Tai Hang (6am-12am)


Wan Chai:

ACO Foo Tak building (Art)

365 Hennessey Rd Wan Chai (1st floor )

Causeway exit B, 14th floor


Aberdeen promenade, go by sampan to Ap Lei Chau Market

Ap Lei Chau Market

Cooked food centre

Pak Kee 2555 2984

Chu Kee 2555 2052

Choose seafood and they will cook it for you

Everywhere we go I always research first where to eat. That way it saves us fluffing around trying to find dinner. Plus it guarantees great food. I was miffed that we didn’t get to try this place out. Because of the typhoon there was no way of getting there that night.


Sunbeam theatre (Chinese Opera)

28560161, 25632959 (730pm,1pm or 130pm)

Just something cultural to do. Not that any of us is into opera. In the end we didn’t get around to it.


Day 3

Lantau Island (whole day)

Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery

Ngong Ping 360

Wisdom Path

Tai O Cultural Workshop

Anything not seen will be continued on the way home.

Needless to say we didn’t get to do any of this. I spent the morning worried about the typhoon. If it didn’t calm down we had no way of getting to Macau and with many travellers stranded in Hong Kong the chance of us getting accommodation would be minimal.

The ferry started going again at 1030am thank goodness. I was just over it. I naively thought a typhoon was a little storm and it wouldn’t affect us that much. Was I wrong.

In the morning everything was still closed thus we wandered the streets and did a bit of shopping and explored the promenade. Hong Kong was very hot, crowded and noisy. We found the malls a bit more quiet. It was nice and cold and less crowded than the streets.

We were happy to leave Hong Kong for Macau. I guess everyone should do Hong Kong once just for the experience. I just can’t handle the heat or the crowds.

*These photos are from FB. I’m sure I took much more. Just have to find them. Will post more when I can locate them lol.