Too much sauce on my Musubi this morning. It will do for breakkie. I haven’t heard from the council as yet. I might have to give them a ring.

Have managed to find my holidays photos stashed in folders. Will post some more. It’s hard being anonymous 😂

Can’t post any with faces 😂
Today’s aim :



I didn’t head out last night after my nap just made do. We had rice and stir fry for dinner.

I did them with soy, ginger and spring onion. 

Tonight’s dinner will have to be a quickie that can be easily heated by whoever eats it.

Was hoping to go out to lunch with hubby. I wanted him to try that udon place that I went the other week.

He’s been telling me he wants to take me to see Wonder Woman. I wonder why ? We haven’t watched a movie together without the kids like forever. We used to watch one every week when we were going out . We’d alternate between an action movie and a lovey dovey just to be fair. 

Hmmm I think he’s got ulterior motives 😂