Day 1

Arrival: Daegu 10:05am

Inter-Burgo Exco, Daegu

For some reason I booked a hotel that was nowhere near the train station. Luckily Taxis were cheap. Note to self after that trip never ever book anywhere not near the train station. Just the pure inconvenience of it all. Don’t know if it was because it was the only hotel with two double beds in a room or not? That might have been the reason.

One thing about South Korea you could base yourself in Seoul or any cities along the bullet train route and just take day trips. The bullet trains are reasonable and comes and go so often it’s like a normal train time table. It was so easy to use that if I had known I would have been more adventurous and gone all over South Korea.

Mt Palgongsan Hot Springs, Skyline Cable Car,Temple

This was an indoor/outdoor hot springs. Like Japan it’s nude bathing. Not as nice as the onsen we went to in Kyoto which was surrounded by mountains. Still it was nice to relax.

Lovers write notes on the padlocks then they throw their keys in the mouth of the tiger. If the wrong person comes along and not the true love then they can’t get the key out and their hand bitten off.

Don’t think we did the temple. We caught the cable car up and went and had lunch. It was the most expensive lunch on that trip costing us $100 AUD for the five of us. Mind you this was in 2013.

We had a great laugh over it as we didn’t know a word of Korean and there was no photos on the menu. It’s one of those sit down meals on low table and floor cushions.

The side dishes was like plentiful . The thing was the steam boat was vegetarian. And guess what? It was the most expensive thing on the menu. You’d think the most expensive thing would be seafood?

After that meal we ummm went to cheap restaurants with no table cloths or markets to make up for that expensive meal.

Day 2:

Day Trip to Hahoe Folk Village (9am-6pm)

Andong 1.5 hours bus from Daegu (every 30 mins) then catch bus 46 (50mins) to Hahoe from Andong

It was too far so we ditched the folk village since we did one in Jeju already and made our way to Busan.

Day trip to Busan Express Bus terminal –1 ¾ hours trip to Busan

Instead of the bus we took the train. It was quicker and took like 45 minutes? It depends on which train you take as to how long it takes. The quicker the trains the more expensive. We didn’t have time so we took the quickest or the second quickest can’t remember.

*Jagalgi fish market

We went to the fish market, had a wander and lunch and caught the train home. It was frightening to see so many soldiers Korean and American at the train station.


A donut stand near the fish market. It was yummo. The plain ones had sweet potato filling inside.

*Soju at tent bars


We ditched both Soju and Spaland. I tend to list multiple itineraries when we go away and it really depends on our moods which ones we take.

Day 3 :


Bus from Daegu =3hours, Bus from Jeonju (50mins) to Jinan then 5mins bus trip from Jinan to Maisan Provincial Park 50 mins walk to Tap-Sa  

This was too far again. Thus we opted for Haein-sa

Haein-sa 1.5 hours bus from Daegu Seobu intercity

Tripitaka Koreana (wood blocks of scriptures ) Prayers 330am,10am,630pm

We had so much trouble getting to this place that I was over it by the time we got there. The weather was crap and we all got drenched. The views was worth it though.

It started out with me directing us to the wrong bus depot. They had 4 depots, North, South, East and West. Instead of South I took the East one. We had taxied to the train station from the hotel then we’d walked to the depot. By then we were all grumpy as it was hot and the signs to the depot was nowhere to be seen .

Mind you the depot was a fair walk away, about 20 minutes walk away. We ended up back tracking into the train station again to see if we could locate a sign. It was the most obscure sign ever. It just show you that you’ve got to go out of this door and no sign to direct you further.

Since we didn’t speak any Korean and no one spoke English we resorted to taking a photo of the sign to the depot and showed the guys at the parking lot. Finally one showed us to just walk this way. We managed to get there in the end to be told we’d ended up at the wrong one.

The day was getting on thus we hopped back into the taxi to get to the bus depot rather than walking back to the train station and then taking the train.

Meanwhile no one spoke English. I had to show them the translation from my Lonely Planet Guide so they could sell us the right tickets. I then had to show it again to the bus driver to make sure we got on the right bus.


It was a beautiful place nonetheless. A bit commercialised. At the front of the temple were food tents all set up to sell you food. Looked a bit out of place other than that a beautiful serene place to be if you ignored the food tents.

On the way back I had to use body language to buy our tickets. Like 2 this high and 3 this high for the kids as the old man didn’t understand how many adult and child tickets I wanted. No English whatsoever.

We got back safe and sound and went off to have more BBQ for dinner.