Have booked in for next week. I’m finally getting them done. It’s a day stay at the hospital and have to wear stockings for 3 weeks😩 

The procedure I’ve chosen is a combination one. They heat the veins up and then they give me injections. He’ll make small cuts at the veins to get the bad bits out. It’s a 90% success rate . 

The other one was also a 90% success rate but much more invasive in that they go in at the groin and pull the whole vein out. 

It’s not as expensive as I have feared and well I’ve saved up for it so all good.

Then hubby took me to lunch.

Beef noodles for me at Raramen (Box Hill) They make their own noodles here.

And spicy Daan Daan noodles for hubby. It’s got mince pork , sesame seed sauce and pickles.

Now I’m home to wait for the sunroof guy. He told me he’s coming to see our roof after lunch.