Miss 14 barged into our room last night at 1130pm when she should have been in bed sleeping. 

You didn’t hand in my application for the school did you? She meant for the selective school.

I was like well I told you time and time again to get it done. 

Hubby was like she’s a kid. You should have just reminded her. Then off he went to console her.

Why is it it’s made out to be my fault again? I’ve nagged her and nagged her since February. Nearly on a weekly basis to get it done. I’d done half of the questions . I’d even left the access code for her to go in to fill out her 200 words why she wanted to go to that school. 

Then come May hubby stepped in to tell her go do it and he’ll have a look at it.

Well since he said that I left it to the both of them.

What have we done ? We must have failed as parents from her entitled attitude she showed us last night.

Then this morning she slept in and asked her dad at 838am to drive her to school since she was running late. Mind you he was still sitting on the loo and haven’t showered. 

It takes 10 minutes to drive there so either way she’s late. School over here first bell goes at 845-850am depending on the school.

I’m tired today. On top of that had another nightmare. I’m an emotional wreck. Always before that time of the month. 

It’s gotten worse now that I’m older. So very very blue.

Here is hoping Nutella and my instant will make it all better.

I need to get out of this place. It’s like a 4 wall prison today eventhough it’s not a coffin cubicle.