Another list.

Just gotten around to marinating my belly pork . The Otways is a fair way away and a lovely place to visit. Their pork is yummy.

It is a bit more expensive than the Asian butchers where you can get the same for about $15/kg

The packet used to have two smaller packets inside. Today I found it didn’t . Since I am rubbing it on it didn’t matter. As I didn’t have to add water to the pack it  worked out to be more economical. 

I’ll pop it in the oven tonight. The packet instructed to put in a 200C oven for 20 minutes.

Let see if it works.

List for today:

Need to ring our health insurance to get a tax statement. They never sent me one citing their system was changing over and they are still on their way to collating one. Ummm I needed a 2015-2016 one?

Then need to ring my old work for payment summary for 2015-2016. Don’t think I ever got one from them. 

Hubby got to go through the bank paperwork to find the receipt for my personal indemnity professional insurance since he paid for it.

That’s why never got around to marinating last night . I was too busy getting my tax paperwork together. 

Most important today I need to go to the council to chase up our plans. 

Need to go into work as well and since I slept in I didn’t get anything done. 

One good thing at least the sun is out and it’s a long weekend.

It’s our Queen’s Birthday weekend over here with the Monday being a public holidays. 

It also means I’ve been here in Australia for 37 years. We arrived here on Queen’s Birthday many years ago.

I remembered it was oh so cold quite a contrast from the heat of the refugee camp in KL. 

I remembered I had a nose bleed at the airport upon arrival. 

I also remembered how beautiful Melbourne was with its lights and clean roads on the way from the airport in.