Things happen for a reason . I actually handed in an application for a cooking show last year. 

I only got through the first round. And even that caused me a lot of stress. It’s a case of what am I going to cook? And well the other was I wasn’t prepared. I had no time to practise cooking or trying out new recipes. 

Eight months on and I have to say I’m much more confident on the cooking front. Not only that I’ve learnt heaps more new dishes. 

Thinking back I’m glad I applied for it even though it was a spur of moment thing. That’s me all over . I like to grab my opportunities with both hands and just see . 

I didn’t get through but it did lead me back to my love of cooking. Years of working in another city void me of time in my kitchen and my love of cooking.

I’ve since rediscovered my love and going from strength to strength and getting rounder in the process 😂

Here’s to the love of cooking and the love of food.

With that thought I’m going to redo my recipe page. I mean do it properly now that I can navigate WP without getting lost with my laptop 😂