I’m googling images to find a colour for my bedroom blinds.

At the moment I’ve got drapes and well they kind of made the room looked smaller. It also means when the heater blows it blows into the drapes and not the room.

Since our room is tiny I’m hoping to make it look bigger and not as claustrophobic.

I’m wanting the new romans to be hanged up high from the ceilings to give the impression of a higher ceiling than 2500mm.

Then I want the blinds to be made of a textured material to give more interest to the blinds. 

I’ve learnt from my mistake in that this time the blinds will be a more subtle colour to give the room a light and airy feeling .

Not screaming sex sex sex so I’m staying away from the red 😂

I like this blue.

This pink is not bad either.

Any of these will do too. I’m thinking light. 

*photos from the internet except for first one.