To the Queen . Hip hip hooray. We Australians get a day off to celebrate .

My breakkie. Nutella on toast and my instant.

Everyone else have gone on road trips. It’s just another day for us. Hubby is stuck at work because with public holidays on Mondays we have to pack enough to ensure the packs are all done tomorrow for the nursing home delivery.

*Photo from the internet

This is what we pack. Since we are only a small business we do it manually.

You pack by placing the plastic inner upside down pop your pills in then iron the foil and card bit with their details on to seal the pack.

They are then checked before being popped into the plastic sleeves . The sleeves are multi coloured. Each represent the time of day the tablets are due ie. breakfast, lunch, dinner and bed time.

Each client can have up to 10 sleeves and we have about 230. That’s a lot of sleeves to pack. Most goes on Tuesday, some goes on Wednesday and Thursday. 

My steal from last night. Peppercorns from VN. Chillies from my sister in law’s garden.

One of my sister in law got caught at Customs on the way back . She was carrying a package for her friend and didn’t realise it had meat floss in it. Thus she declared all her other foods except meat. 

And because she didn’t realise she got grilled and they didn’t believe her thinking she lied. 

Anyhow lesson learnt and $360 fine later she was let out. 

We told her next time do not accept any packages. It’s bad news you never know what’s in there. It might be drug for all you know. 

We had a good laugh over it as she’s the sweetest person around. She’s just very naive eventhough she’s approaching 60. 

List for today:



Towels day



Nag the kids to do chores

Go to rental so hubby can change lights. 

Need to grab batteries for the garage remotes. 

Get keys cut.