Looks like everything is falling into place.

Hubby dropped me off at the council today. 

They had a memorial for VN veterans.

A reserve near by.

Look at this groovy tree.

That’s the whole tree.

A church whilst I was waiting for the tram.

In all a good day. Our new tenants are moving in end of this week.

The rental is all up to scratch. I only have to drop by the keys to the realestate agents tomorrow. 

Thank goodness . The visit to the council proved fruitful. Now just need to forward the whole lot to the town planner after I get it all photocopied. 

Always safer to keep the original as it was a pain in the backside to get our hands on the plans.

Tomorrow I’ve got to get my pre-admission papers in order and pay the doctors’ invoices . They make you pay beforehand. 

Feels like we are forever playing catch up. At least hubby is a bit freer now that he’s on semester break.