The council took so long yesterday I didn’t board the tram til near half past three.

Met hubby at Bunnings to cut my keys and then he drove back to the rental to change the lights.

Luckily for me as I needed the loo. He also needed me to climb the ladder to change the bulb. 

It was awful he had the ladder half perched on a tread and the other leg he was holding the weight. I couldn’t do it. It was too hard to pull the thing out of the ceiling. Plus I’m not too good with height.

In the end I asked him to wedge one end of the ladder in between the treads horizontally and I held on to the other end . He stood on it and it was fine. 

Men or rather hubby. Guess he needs me after all for the common sense bit. 

It was rather late by the time we’d finished. We detoured to the plaza to grab groceries . I had strict instructions only the necessities as we wanted to beat the peak traffic.

1/ bread

2/ milk

3/ bananas/fruit 

4/ meat and vegies for dinner

5/ ham/salami

I got the bread from the bakery , lunch meat from the deli and the rest from the supermarket to save time.

They had heaps of Otways pork so I took four packets . Two for last night’s dinner. Two to make charsiu tonight. I marinated them last night thus all set for today.

Aim for today:
Work this morning 

Office works to photocopy the plans

Realestate agent to drop keys off

Hospital paperwork

Buy vegies for tonight, cook dinner and organise dinner for tomorrow.

Go for a walk

That’s it for today.