We went to lunch in Richmond yesterday before going to the rental. 

Hubby insisted parking on the road as he didn’t want to park in the car park. It’s not the money. 

Problem was we had two ladders tied up on the roof rack. He was worried someone was going to nick them.

I told him it’s not the druggies he should be worried about. Being druggies their means of transport would be the train or the tram. No way could they carry those two ladders with them. 

He should be more worried about the tradies. They’d have more use for his ladders. Mind you they are old ones.

Anyhow as we pulled into our car space who should pull in two car spaces before us? Two tradies .

I laughed and commented you’d better take a photo of their number plate just in case 😂

In the end he worried for nothing. We walked back from lunch to find our ladders safe and sound😂