What’s my definition of a good day? 

Lots of wandering . Plenty of wholesome comfort food and then home to rest.

My doctor’s visit wasn’t a doctor’s visit at all . It was just a scan visit . 

They scanned my leg and told me my veins have all closed up. Which is good news. 

George the scan guy said he’s never seen anyone with an allergic reaction to the stocking band before thus I’m his first.

Got to thank the receptionist. I think she was surprised.

Then walked over to see my colleagues . My old boss asked if I wanted a job? I told her no just visiting since I was in the area.

Anyhow I’m a bit lazy today so we had a quick dinner. 

Not much cooking involved. Hubby made the dipping sauce.

My stocking arrived. Have since chucked them in the wash. 

Guess what? I think I walked enough for yesterday 😍 and still going since it’s only 8pm.