Slept in. Gosh I’m so very unfit. A day out yesterday left me buggered. 

At least I got heaps done apart from work. Bought two donuts and two sesame balls last night for us. At 5pm they were $3 for 2.

Sesame balls because hubby bought 6 the other day in Richmond and he told the youngest to take them down so my dad can have some . 

That night he was looking for them frantically and there was none left . Dad must have eaten or taken them all 😂 

My dad have a very sweet tooth and well he can never resist sweets. 

Today’s list :


Groceries and dinner

It’s Friday and I’m hoping to do a few hours at the business before groceries shopping.
Not sure what’s for dinner as yet. I’m thinking a casserole of some sort. One pot wonder. 

I haven’t been in a cooking mood lately. Waiting for this crappy leg to get better as it’s sore standing in the one place for too long. 

One good thing every morning I wake up to less bruising. There’s light at the end of the tunnel.