My pantry needs sorting out. My choices this morning for breakkie . Vegemite won hands down.

Then the bell went. It was my son’s maths tutor. Got them to go into the study since still got my mess from last night .

Plus we know him. He used to be our staff and daughter’s friend.

Anyhow I look a fright. Hair everywhere stuff in my eyes . 

Having breakkie now then will shower and tackle the cards. I want to make some more. 

Then will go buy fish at lunch to make fish cakes/balls for dad. He’s invited us for dinner tomorrow.  

Usually it’s really hard to find car parks in the morning . The plaza kind of slow down around lunch as people ends up in shopping centres once their groceries is done. 

That’s pretty much for today. Just realised our last few trips overseas I haven’t developed photos for them. Will do so pretty soon when I get around to it.

List for today :

Work- 90 more to go

Groceries and dinner

Fish balls


Wrap mum’s pressie

Fill in form for exchange student


We don’t have clothes lines anymore until hubby fixes them so I only have a rack. Uniforms will be of first priority and undies. Everything else can wait til lines are up again. 

I don’t make long lists now as no point I’ll never get through them.