One of those days. Made more cards this morning. 

And birthday ones 

Found out from the tutor his mum makes cards. She paints. So have offered to sell her cards at the shop for her. It’s more so we have stuff to sell and less pressure on me to produce cards. 

Can’t seem to get anything done. Took me several goes to even do anything today. My new stockings don’t fit. The second pair was like too small . Made in Taiwan quality. How can one pair fit and one doesn’t ? 😩

Have done groceries as my girl ran out of icing sugar. 

She wanted to make more macarons for her  grandma.

I had to go buy fish so detoured to grab her the icing sugar and eggs and butter since my youngest tends to go off with the fairies.

I don’t trust her to come home and find no baking supply .

She went to buy bread today without even registering I bought a loaf yesterday 😩

Anyhow I’m sitting in the car eating pizza.

Today I’m making fish balls/cakes. I’ve bought 1.1kg of blue grenadier and about 400g of squid. I’m varying my ingredients as prawns is too expensive. And well all up costed just over $20 so not bad.

That way we will have half for dinner and half for steam boat tomorrow.