A mate asked me to accompanying him to a party a few months ago. He’s good fun so I agreed. It was a swinger’s party.
After I’d agreed I got cold feet. The thing is isn’t swingers animalistic? just sex and not love? no intimacies? crude? and for a romantic beast like me it didn’t sit well.
I think he knew because he offered to answer all my questions. I went on google and googled yet I was still unsure. He assured me. It’s okie. We can just go and have a look. Don’t have to participate if you don’t want to. He told me there’s a spa, pool, movie theatre, bar so can just sit, relax and watch hmmmm.

He then laughed and teased me. You can hold my hand as we walk through and if you’re lucky you might get a cuppa. Bring a hair tie and thongs as it might get a bit wet? at that stage all I could think of is my hair, face getting sprayed with human secretions? yuck.

As the day got near he gave me the address and of course I searched it up. It was in Collingwood, in a warehouse? a clothing warehouse? We were suppose to meet for dinner beforehand then that was cancelled due to work commitments so we ended up meeting at the venue just before the event started.

And because little Miss V is always early or on time I got even more anxious when I got there. The street was full of factories, dark, no house in sight. Collingwood is not the safest place in the world either and there I was sitting in my car all by my little self thinking what the heck am I doing here? this time curiosity has definitely killed the cat.

Then J rang, he couldn’t find me or rather my car. I’d seen his ute first. It was comforting to know he’s arrived and as usual right on time. He asked me if I was okie about it? I replied I think so, so off we went. He’s very naughty J, cheeky as hell.

He said he knew I would google the address so he purposely gave me the wrong address just so I don’t freak out even more because it was at a high end gay club. By then I was like what the? Apparently once a month on a Monday night they open the club to couples.

To be continued…

August 2014