Hand in hand we walked in. J paid at the counter and gave our names. The guy was a bit on the round side, in his 50s ? Gave us a locker key and a towel each. Then we went to find our locker. J explained, this is where we strip off and pop the towel on but you can wear undies under if you wanted to, so I did. J got us drinks and we went to sit down, observed people around us and mostly chatted.

The couple at the next table got me intrigued. They were in their 50s-60s. I’d wondered why they were there? The wife looked tired, accepting? In my mind I’d already formed an opinion. She was there to please her husband? It didn’t look right. They didn’t look loving at all.

J was the guy I fell for the year before. I fell hard for him because I don’t know. He made me felt like a woman? And I have never felt that with anyone? Yet this is the other side of him, the sexual side, the side that I am not sure I can accept?

Aside from that he’s funny as hell. Most of our conversations was about our kids, family, partner, friends, lovers. He’s easy to talk to and good company. With him around there’s always fun to be had and that’s why I’d agree to this, against my better judgment. There’s no judgment when J is around. He’s got that effect on me.

Okie so it wasn’t as crude as I’d first thought it was. Everyone walked around with a towel wrapped around their private bits except in the spa, pool or showers. Well the Japanese bathed nude in the Onsens so it wasn’t too bad. As long as it wasn’t out right nudity I was okie with it. That was my first wrong perception.

We finally stripped off after the drink and went to sit in the spa. The spa wasn’t your average 8 people spa. It was like a spa the size of a room, massive. I sat with J and we started fiddling around. I started kissing him and we cuddled. Not only mates we’d been lovers. There were other people in the spa and at one stage it got crowded.

I’d closed my eyes sitting next to him just enjoying the warm bubbling water and that was when it happened. I’d felt hands that wasn’t his? I was sure they weren’t his as J is a tradie. He’s a big bloke, tall, well built, long hair which he’s always tied back with a hair tie, with hands that’s used to hard work, rough, calloused. Where as these hands were small, soft like a girl’s hand.

I kept my eyes closed even harder and then I felt J’s hand holding on to mine slowly taking mine to feel someone’s boobs. I’d told him beforehand that I only liked men and the thought of women making a move on me kind of make my hair stand on ends and of course he couldn’t resist could he? Cheeky thing. He thought it was hilarious to make me confront my fears and well ummm they were soft just like my own, ummm more softer than mine. I think it didn’t scare me that much knowing she’s got a male partner thus she wasn’t into me. It was just exploring? and there went my second wrong perception.

To be continued.